Hugo Romeu MD

Is horseback riding a hazardous pastime?

The foundation of equestrian sports is the interaction between horse and rider. This relationship is highlighted by competition. It also requires sharpness of mind. Professional riders walk the cou...

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Who is the Vaishnava religion's founder?

Vaishnavism is a Hindu faith that emphasizes devotion to Vishnu. The religion has a lengthy history and has spawned numerous sects and schools. The Shrivaishnavas of southern India and the Vishisht...

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Who is interested in pharmaceutical science?

Pharmaceutical research has become an essential component of modern healthcare, from the development of vaccinations to the fight against cancer cells. These researchers play an important role in t...

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How does one become a molecular pathologist?

A bachelor's degree in biology, pre-med, or a closely related field is usually the first step in becoming a molecular pathologist. The student can then send an application to medical school. Medica...

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Four Varieties of Pathology

There are several reasons to pursue a profession in pathology. These experts are critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and pattern-appreciators. They work in the laboratory to detect and analyze evid...

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Transcendental Meditation's 'Spiritual Dangers' Denied

Many people are perplexed as to why Transcendental Meditation is a bad idea. Hugo Romeu MD believes, there have been many notable people who have practiced this for years, and it is founded on East...

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